Class Testimonials
from living foods workshops

With Lydia Miller & René Archner


Incredibly Informative! The Hands-On Approach In The Class Has Meant I Have Confidence To Do It In My Own Life. Love All The Yummy Recipes. ~Mary D., Tuakau

The atmosphere of all participants was friendly and everyone showed great interest and asked interesting and relevant questions. I learnt a lot! The taste of all the food was wonderful and full of flavor. In fact, people who have never tasted raw food prepared this way would be very surprised.

It was easy, less time involved and no cooking time of course!

A great experience. Loved it! ~Verna K., Kumeu

Lydia and René proved that raw food is flavourful and delicious as well as being nutritious. It doesn’t have to be boring or take too long to prepare. The recipes were easy tto do. I think that anyone could successfully replicate some at home. ~Caroline B., Grey Lynn

Lydia and René are a wealth of resources and tips and information on the living foods lifestyle. The food we prepared was encouragingly simple and tasted sensational. Feel very inspired to get sprouting, growing and fermenting. ~Leila B., Auckland

Bless you both! Thank you for all the preparation and the fun. You have made our day! I have learnt so much. ~Mary B., Kumeu


This was such an exciting hands-on day, that really involved everybody present. It has provided me with such Inspiration to go home and play with more raw food recipes. Lydia and René were filled with such Enthusiasm about what they were teaching and the very practical way they went about it. Seeing the seeds sprouting and being planted transformed a theory into practice. I’ve had a wonderful day. Thanks heaps! ~Sylvia D., Grey Lynn

René and Lydia work together harmoniously to present informative and fun evenings filled with practical tips on transforming ordinary fare to extraordinary palate teasing experiences. Quite frankly I could have spent 6 months doing these courses and felt there would still be much to learn.
Hands-on assisting students in any situation is a joy to both René and Lydia, who appear to completely restore any mistake with ease.
They are a joy to work with and with so much information to share my Raw Food Workshop was a delight to attend.
I recommend anyone who is interested in Raw Food for any reason to contact René and Lydia for a wonderful experience.
Laurel Stevenson, Pukekohe,
23.08.2011, Dry it, you will like it!

I thoroughly recommend the dehydrating class if you like experimenting as I do, and having fun at the same time.
Anna Fullerton, Rodney
23.08.2011, Dry it, you will like it!

This course really awakened in me a love of raw food and I learnt how important it is for your health. A life changing class! Thanks René & Lydia
Fiona McLaughlin, Torbay
23.08.2011, Dry it, you will like it!


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