Event Calendar

A quick overview of our upcoming events. Scroll down for details. Please join our newsletter here to be kept up to date of our teaching schedule. You can also get in touch here!

Below our events calendar till October 2016. More events will be filled in as we book more venues. Please register early if you want to attend any of our classes or trainings!

To register for your space at our workshops and classes please get in touch with us here or pay your course fee via the PayPal buttons below.

The next Raw Chef Training is planned for November 2017.


  • September 1, 2016, 7-10pm, Traditional Cultured Foods, at the Wise Cicada on 88 Broadway in Newmarket, Auckland. $85/person
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  • October 14-16, 2016, Primal Seasons Spring Workshop, . For now, please refer to this page for more details and booking info. $1600+gst, including accommodation for the first 10 students, click below to register!
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14 thoughts on “Event Calendar

  1. Hallo Rene, nachdem ich Cicada Kundin bin, hab ich grad den Newsletter mit Deiner
    Cooking Class erhalten! Bin ja ganz begeistert! 1.2. hab ich schon was im Kalender, aber
    ich werde auf dem aktuellen Stand gehalten und ich komme total gern mal zu einem ‘Raw Food-Kochkurs”!
    Die ‘Bayerische’ Claudia von Alegria Beautyfarm (SOUL)


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