Rene teachingRené is an internationally well known living foods chef famous for his award-winning cakes and desserts. Born in Berlin, Germany, he is now living with his wife, Lydia Miller, in Warkworth,  New Zealand. Both Lydia and René are associated chefs and instructors with Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. In fact, that’s where they first met in May of 2004.
From 2003 to 2005 René studied and worked closely with Master Chef Chad Sarno both in the US and Europe. He also worked as raw food chef on an internship at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre’s kitchen in Arizona.
Together, Lydia and René have taught classes since August 2004, both in America, Europe and NZ. In 2006 they were the sole caterers for the prestigious FRESH Festival in the UK. The same year René directed the opening of ‘Rawdezvous Café’ in Kelowna, BC. He teaches classes, facilitates in-home sessions for private clients on GAPS related foods, consults for clients in the hospitality industry on raw desserts and traditional food culturing methods. René is also consulting for restaurants and resorts worldwide and has been teaching living foods at several culinary schools in New Zealand. For over two years now René has been an integral part of the team at the  Wise Cicada Café in Newmarket, Auckland. He supplies the café regularly with his decadent raw cheese cakes, haystack biscotti, divine raw chocolate bars, super fudge as well as the famous chocolate muesli slice. He is now successfully conducting raw chef trainings, demo & degustation classes as well as hands-on workshops in and around Auckland. ‘I see people are open-minded and genuinely interested and I have the knowledge, experience and passion to pass on. Having been through my 100 percent raw journey I have a more balanced perspective. We all have busy lifestyles and yet there are such rewards to taking back control of our families’ food, nutrition and health.’ 


Chef ReneVisit René’s blog for many delicious recipes!As of late René’s understanding of the healing power of food has been drastically expanded through the study of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride‘s work on the ‘Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome’ (GAPS).

René is an active member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and is passionately embracing their teaching of ancestral nutrient-rich foods in his culinary education.

A reference for René Archner:

René Archner is an exciting and inspiring proponent of living foods, both as a creative, talented chef and an inspiring, motivating teacher.  We are grateful for René’s gifts and skills, both personally – we love his food and classes – and professionally, for his service to Eagles Nest and Heartpower clientele.

Daniel and Sandra Biskind

Managing Directors,

Eagles Nest Ltd. www.eaglesnest.co.nz

Heartpower Ltd. www.heartpower.net

After many years seeking for ways to enjoy optimum physical health my
husband and I changed our diet drastically to eating 80% raw fruit and
vegetables and eliminating all meat and dairy products. The change has
been remarkable: dramatic weight loss, increased energy, lowered
cholesterol, and no more aching joints are some of the most notable changes
over the past three years.
Recently I attended a Living Food preparation day run by Rene and Lydia
of Vibrant Earth Creations. It was an amazing day where my convictions
were strengthened, new information was gained and my enthusiasm for raw
foods was renewed. Of special interest to me was the correct preparation
of nuts and seeds and the fact that delicious cakes and desserts could also
be made using natural ingredients and no cooking.
Their course was mostly ‘hands-on’ which increased learning and Lydia
and Rene actively supported and encouraged us. I could hardly wait to try
out the recipes again when I got home. I heartily recommend these Living
Foods classes to anyone interested in enjoying optimum health.

Kind regards,
Ruth Linton, Kaitaia, NZ

PS: Here are some testimonials from participants of our Auckland workshop in January 2006:

“If they say you are what you eat, organic loving living food would be a great statement,
and look. As I have always known passion and love is everything, so food with Lydia & René is great. Looking forward to the next classes.” Shane,

“This course gives you a kick-start in introducing you to raw foods which is exciting and easy peasy for the whole family. Hands on and lots of sampling. Live with passion!” Leanne, Auckland, NZ



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