Raw “Chef” or what?! Your Feedback requested!


at recent chef training with Anna

This is not a recipe post – for a change, and neither is it a class announcement. However, classes and teaching it is – my Passion!
My dear friend Sanjiv Deva of Total Business Solutions, after studying my business plan, pointed out to me that I’m sending mixed messages. Right he is!
Nowhere in my planning attempts was there talk about ‘real’ chef work. Coming out of mechanical engineering that might not surprise you. It did surprise me however when Sanjiv pointed it out.
What comes up a lot when describing my business and calling is: education, inspiration, teaching, raised consciousness, entertainment, health awareness, culinary education… You get my drift.

So, if there is no catering, cooking, baking, feeding people – means: no chefing, what is it???


What does one call a person who enjoys inspiring others to explore unknown culinary territory, that comes with the side effects of increased energy, wellbeing and fun? …and puts the responsibility for peoples’ health and food choices back to where it belongs: to the people themselves.

Demo class at Wise Cicada

This is a serious request for your, dear readers’, input.

Initial attempts: raw food teacher, culinary educator, living foods consultant… all sound a bit klutzy.

Teaching at Green Expo

So with my main service being raw food demo classes and hands-on trainings and workshops for lovely mainstream people as well as freaks like you and me ;-), what shall I call myself, apart from René Archner???

The raw BBQ Man

The raw vegan BBQ Man?

There is plenty of space below ↓ for your constructive comments. Asking for ‘baptism by fire’…

With great anticipation and much Love,


Chef training lecture


5 thoughts on “Raw “Chef” or what?! Your Feedback requested!

  1. Hallo lieber Rene,
    toll was du da machst. Ich freue mich jedesmal wenn ich was von dir sehe. Das mit der Rohkost schaffe ich nicht. Ich kenne aber jemanden , der genauso lebt wie du und auch fast genauso aussieht wie du.Ich würde gerne, der Geist ist willig aber das Fleisch ist schwach…Viele liebe Grüße aus Trier, Lisa


  2. I think that what we talked about earlier is appropriate. Jamie Oliver used to be the Naked Chef, but since he’s moved into educating people on how to cook to stop the obesity epidemic, he is now just Jaime Oliver. Rene Archner or just Archner with creating culinary consciousness as the tag (or something like that) would work…


  3. Hi Rene,
    So, sounds like you want to remarket yourself and what you do. I feel the raw vegan BBQ man, is firstly a bit to long, secondly the word BBQ suggests cooking (as in heat cooking) which is not what you are teaching and about. Thirdly this email is a light hearted email, with a little craziness blended in, so why not have a title that reflects that! 🙂
    On another note I came up from Hamilton a few weeks ago and I thoroughly enjoyed your classe
    (warm winter foods) and look forward to doing another soon.
    thanks and good luck with your new title
    Kathy Just
    Hamilton 🙂


    • Thanks Kathy. Yes, the BBQ man was a joke 😉 Those plates at Eden Valley Lodge were just too good to not be used. Hey thanks again for the effort to come up from Hamilton for the class. I am looking forward to seeing you again shortly. We have some real beautiful ones coming up. Check them out here!


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